Basics of Computers and computer applications

Basics of Computers and computer applications
Ø BILL GATES owns the Microsoft company.Microsoft is a world-renowed multinational company that works primarily in the field of computer engineering
Ø “Microsoft’s” flagship products are Windows-98,Windows-2000,Windows-XP and Windows-10 etc. operating system.
Ø Co-Founder of Microsoft is “Paul Allen”.
Ø In memory of French mathematician Blaise Pascal, a computer language named “Pascal” was named after him.He made the first mechanical calculator named Pascaline.
Ø Connecting computers is done through network.
Ø Computers placed in a limited area are connected via LAN and computers placed in a large area via WAN.
Ø Customers,inventories and records of a business can best be stored in a database file.
Ø LINUX is a computer operating system.
Ø It is assembled under the open source and independent software development and distribution model
Ø ANDROID is a mobile operating system(OS).
Ø This ‘OS’ developed by Google is used for smartphones,tablets and touchscreen mobile devices.
Ø A motherboard,also known as a mainboard,system board,or logic board is a printed circuit board which is found in all modern computers.
Ø Full form of OLAP is Online Analytical Processing.
Ø Graphical User Interface by which people can be able to interact with other types than computer typing.
Ø Full form of IBM is International Business Machine.
Ø IBM is a multinational computer technology and an IT consulting company.IBM is headquartered in Armonk,New York.
Ø Post stands for Power on self test.
Ø IT stands for “Information Technology”.
Ø BIT is the terminology used for basic capacity of information in computers and telecommunications,which stands for Binary Digit.
Ø ISP stands for Internet Service Provider
Ø CAD Stands for Computer Aided Design.
Ø If you want to link Excel worksheet for use in powerpoint presentation,then click edit,Paste,Special.
Ø This track ball is a pointing device.There is a ball in a socket with a sensor whose rotation detracts from the sensor.
Ø Hardware is the physical part of computer.So,the hardware part can be seen and touched but the software,programs,storage etc.can be seen,but the component stored in it cannot be seen and touched it.
                    i.            .info     ---            Information Oraganization
                  ii.            .com    ---            Commercial Institute
                iii.            .gov     ---            Government Institute
               iv.            .edu    ---             Educational Institute
                 v.            .net     ---             Network Institute
               vi.            .org     ---             Non profit Oraganization
             vii.            .in       ---             India
           viii.            .au     ---              Australia
                ix.            .fr       ---              France
                  x.            .nz     ----              Newzealand
                xi.            .uk     ----              United Kingdom
Ø Repair for known software bugs that are commonly available on the internet without charge is known as Patch.

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