Reasoning Question for competitive exam

               (Mathematical Operation)
Reasoning Question for competitive exam

              Reasoning test papers often contain questions based on mathematical operations like arithmetic,algebra,geometry etc.Knowledge of general rules of mathematics along with intellectual ability is required to solve these questions.Generally,the questions are based on some formulas and mathematical symbols(+,-,*) of algebra.Questions and mathematical symbols are defined as BODMAS(B=Bracket,O=Of,D=Division,M=Multiplication,A=Addition,S=Subtraction).Must solve in order.Questions based on mathematical operations are asked in two ways.(1)Based on hypothetical mathematical method (2)Based on real mathematical method.
                                  Useful Questions
1.If ‘+’ means ‘*’ ,’*’ means ‘/‘, ’/’ means ‘-‘ and ‘-‘ means ‘+’,then 
(a)300                    (b)306
(c)310                    (d)312
2.If ‘+’ means ‘-‘,’*’ means ‘/’, ‘/’ means ‘+’ and ‘-‘ means ‘*’ then
(a)95                       (b)168
(c)192                     (d)200
3.If ‘+’ means ‘*’,’-‘ means ‘+’,’*’ means ‘/’, ‘/’ means ‘-‘ then
9-(5+4)-(3*2) =?
(a)9.5                          (b)3.5
(c) 2.5                          (d)30.5
4.If ‘+’ means ‘*’, ‘*’ means ‘-‘, ‘-‘ means ‘/’ and ‘/’ means ‘+’ then
(a)478                         (b)376
(c)220                         (d)488
Ans. (a)
5.If ‘*’ means ‘/’, ‘-‘ means ‘*’, ‘/’ means ‘+’ and ‘+’ means ‘-‘ then
(a)  8                              (b)4
(c)2                                 (d)-1
Ans. (c)
6.If ‘P’ means’*’ ,R means ‘+’,  T means ‘/’ ,S means ‘-‘.Then
(a)-3/4                                  (b)52
(c) 46                                     (d)58
7.If L means ‘+’,M means ‘-‘, N means ‘*’ ,P means ‘/’ then
14 N 10 L 42 P 2 M 8=?
(a)153                                      (b)216
(c)248                                             (d)25
Ans (a)
8.If P means ‘/’,Q means ‘*’,R means ‘+’ and S means ‘-‘
Then,18 Q 12 P 4 R 5 S 6=?
(a)  95                                            (b) 53
(c)51                                              (d)57
Ans (b)
9.If T means ‘*’, U means ‘-‘ ‘V’ means ‘/’ and W means ‘+’
Then, (50 V 2) W (28 T 4)
(a)  142                         (b)158
(c)137                          (d)163
 Ans. ©
10.If R means ‘/’,’Q’ means ‘*’ ,’P’ means ‘+’ Then,
18 R 9 P 2 Q 9=?
(a)  18                               (b)16
      (c)28                                (d)30
Ans (a)

11.If 4 +2a3=6, 18 + 6a4=12,then 24+ 3a7=?
(a)21                                      (b)27
© 72                                      (d)56
12. 1/0 means=?
(a)1                                                   (b)0
(c)Infinite                                         (d)none of these
13.If a couple has Seven daughters and each daughter has a brother,how many members are there in the family ?
(a)15                                                   (b)16
(c)10                                                     (d)9
Ans (c)
14.Which of the following numbers is not divisible by4?
Ans (d)
15.Which of following is a prime number?
(a) 121                              (b)657
(c)101                               (d)171
Ans (c)
16.Which of following is not a prime number?
(a)97                                     (b) 191
(c)221                                  (d)61
Ans. (c)
17.What will be the difference between the addition of odd digits and even digits in the number 857423?
(a)0                                           (b)1
(c)2                                            (d)4
Ans. (b)
18.If each digit of the number ‘92581473’ is arranged in ascending order,what is the difference between the newly arranged digits from the right to fourth and the third digit from the left?
(a)1                                         (b)2
(c)3                                          (d)4
19.How many Prime Number are less than 20?
(a)6                                            (b) 7
(c)8                                            (d)10
Ans. (c)
20.The product of a number with 0 is always
(a)0                                               (b)the number itself
(c)1                                                (d)not sure
Ans. (a)

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