7 Aug Current Affairs

                    7 AUG CURRENT AFFAIRS
7 Aug Current Affairs

                               7 AUG CURRENT AFFAIRS

1.Joint military exercise ‘Al-Nagah-111’ was organized between which countries 
between 12-25 march 2019?
                                         -----Between India and Oman
2.Between which countries was the Joint Military exercise ‘Sampriti’ 2019 oraganized between 2-15 march,2019?
                                      -----Between India and Bangladesh
3.Which two countries held a Cobra Gold Military exercise between 12-23 feb 2019?
                                     -----Between America and Thailand
4.Where was the 10th edition of  ‘Indra Navy,2018’,annual maritime exercise between the Indian Navy and the Russian Navy,held between December 9-16,2018?
                                      -----Vishakhapatnam(Andra Pradesh)
5.Where was the  ‘Aviation Conference-2019’held on February27,2019?
                                          -----New Delhi(main topic-“Flying forAll” )
6.Where was the ‘World Government Summit’ 2019 held between 10-12 February 2019?
                                          -----Dubai,United Arab Emirates
7.Where was Logix India,2019 organized?
                                         ----In New Delhi(Between 31Jan to 2Feb,2019)
8.Where was the Fourth Global Digital Health Partnership summit held between February 25-26,2019?
                                           ---New Delhi
9.Where was the 13th meeting of India-France Joint Working Group against Terrorism held on Feb15,2019?
10.Where was the 4th BRICS Youth Summit,2018 held on 16-18 July 2018?
                                         ----Bella-Bella,Limpopo South Africa

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