Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?

          Any activity which gives us joy and pleasure is called recreation.
Importance of recreation

Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?
              Good diet and regular exercise are important to keep our body healthy.It is also help us to keep our body healthy.It also help us to rule our mind.We have recreation in many ways.In the evening,we see many children playing in the park.Some enjoy swings,others cycling.Some enjoy rides,others skate.Some nejoy skipping,others hanging on rods.These activities relax them.
When it is very hot or dark,we stay inside our home.We can have fun at home also.Playing indoor games like snakes and ladders,ludo,carom,reading story books,listening to music,drawing,playing musical instruments, dancing and watchimg televisions are some of them.
Types of Recreation
Recreation by Ourselves

Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?
         Television has become the biggest means of recreation in recent times.There are many television channels which telecast different kinds of programmes throughout the day and night.These channels show us news,musicial programmes,movies,plays,serials,etc.We are able to instantly see the important events happening in the world through the television.It is called direct or live telecast.Major sports events like cricket,football match,etc are seen through live telecast.A live telecast is possible through satellites.
Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?

     Reading is a very good habit.It relaxes our mind.It gives us new information and knowledge.We learn how people live in different places and what their customs are Reading also enhances our vocabulary as we get to know more words.Story books also entertain us.

Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?
Listen music
     All people love listening good music.It is a beautiful means of recreation.Music can be vocal or instrumental.Vocal music is called so when some singers sing the song.Instrumental music is played by means of different musical instruments only.
Music can change our mood.It can make us feel good or sad or exicited.

Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?

   Radio is the cheapest means of recreation.It is easily available.Illiterate people also can get entertained from radio.Radio can be enjoyed in far off places where electricity has not reached yet.
Recreation with Family members
 Family Functions
        When we go for family functions like birthday parties,weddings,anniversaries,marriages,etc we enjoy with our family members.We wear new dresses.We get to meet many relatives and friends.Everybody enjoys the special food on these occasions.Everyone feels very happy.

Defination Of Recreation or Meaning of Recreation?
celebrating festivals

    We celebrate festivals such as Diwali,Holi,Dussehara etc. with our family.These festivals brings us happiness and joy.
Recreation during Holidays
     During holidays,people travel to other places for recreation.Generally,they visit hill stations.However,besides hill stations,people also like to visit sea beaches and famous histrorical places.
To conclude,recreation is essential for us.Without it,our life would become boring and uninteresting.
Why recreation is important in our lives:
·        Recreation help to relax our mind as well as body.
·        Playing different games is a form of recreation.It keep us fit and healthy.
·        Recreational activities make us happy and cheerful.
·        Playing games together or in a team develops qualities like team spirit and leadership skill in us.
·        Celebration functions with family and relatives increases love and affection among all.

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