Independence day Speech 2020 in English


                Independence Day Speech 2020

Independence Day Speech 2020

               Today we have gathered here to celebrate the great national event Independence Day. As we all know, Independence Day is celebrated in our country on 15 august. This day is an auspicious occasion for all of us Indians.

India's Independence Day is the most important as well as joyous day for all Indians and will always be in history. It is the day when we got freedom from British rule after many years of hard struggle by the great freedom fighters of India.

Importance of IndependenceDay Celebration

               We celebrate this day every year as Independence Day to remember the first day of India's independence (15 august 1947). On this day we remember the sacrifices of those great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in India's freedom struggle.

In 1947, India got independence from British rule on 15 August. After independence we got all our fundamental rights in our own nation, our motherland.

We all should be proud to be Indians and praise our destiny that we were born in the zenith of a free India. The history of India shows how hard our ancestors worked and how they dealt with the cruel behavior of the British.

We cannot even guess how difficult it was for India to get independence from British rule. This freedom came after the sacrifice of many freedom fighters and many decades of struggle from 1857 to 1947.

Memory of our freedom fighters     

                Mangal Pandey was the first to raise his voice against the British for India's independence.After that many freedom fighters fought till the last breath for India's independence. We can never forget the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandrashekhar Azad. Who lost their lives in their youth to get freedom for their country.

How can we ignore the struggles of Subhash Chandra Bose (Netaji) and Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji was a great Indian man who taught Indians a great lesson of non-violence.Gandhiji was the only one who led India to achieve independence with the help of non-violence. Eventually, the result of long years of conflict came to light on 15 august 1947 when India gained independence.

We are so lucky that our ancestors have given us a land of peace and prosperity where we can live without fear and can enjoy the whole day like a free bird in our country.

Our country is developing very fast in the fields of technology, education, sports, finance and various other fields which was almost impossible before independence. India is one of the countries rich in nuclear energy. We are moving forward by actively participating in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.


         We have full rights to choose our government and enjoy the largest democracy in the world.Yes, we are free and completely free, although we should not forget the responsibilities of our country. As responsible citizens of the country, we should always be ready to handle any emergency situation in our country.

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